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Angie Angel

Angie AngelAngie Angel was awarded Best Cultural DJ for ‘93 and ‘94. She also won the Canadian Reggae Awards for Top International Female DJ in ‘94. Nominated in the Female DJ Category ‘95 & ‘96. She recorded for the first time in ‘87 for producers Ossie Thomas & Phillip Morgan on the Black Solidarity label. "Settle Yuself," her first tune received good airplay and audience response. Her tune "Agony" done on the Shocking Vibes label for producer Patrick Roberts first brought her to international recognition. Remixed on a jungle rhythm it sold platinum in the UK. Her long list of achievements include combinations done with the Mystic Revealers titled "What A Galang" for MCA, which was performed at Sunsplash ‘92 and received prominent airplay in the USA. She also released "Life" with Judy Mowatt on Pow Wow Records and "Gu Wey Done" with Bunny Brissett for Artistic label. Angie Angel’s career took a big turn in Jamaica when she was featured in the popular TV commercial for Red Label. She performed on major reggae showcases including White River Reggae Bash, Reggae Sunfest, Reggae Sunsplash ‘96, Caribbean Expo ‘96, Midem ‘96, Rebel Salute and Sting and Reggae On The River in California; winning style and captivating lyrics, along with strong spiritual convictions endeared her to her audience. Angie Angel’s spiritual rebirth came in ‘93 through Rastafari changing her life, lyrics and image. She now wears locks, which adorn her beautiful majestic countenance. Angie’s prowess as an international artiste is shown in singles done with the R&B group Tavares titled "Heaven" released on the Black Noiz label, produced by Paul Hussey; also, her combination with British reggae singer Peter Hunningayle and R&B artiste Wayne Marshall. Locally her image remains strong with performance at Rasta Revolution in the 14 parishes of Jamaica with artistes like Sizzla, Capleton, Kulcha Knox, Luciano, Mikey General, and The Bob Marley Festival in February of this year. Her high-powered management team includes Luke Brown, Tainya Cameron, Sandra Alcot, Roger Cameron.


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