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Apple Gabriel

Apple Gabriel
“Don’t fight ‘gainst the Rasta man with him culture music, ‘cause the Rasta man no mean no harm, what Rasta man want to do is calm the storm” 

Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig

While it’s not uncommon to hear stories of a reggae star’s rise from the ghettos of Jamaica, few performers endured the struggle and have earned the success and international fame as Albert “Apple Gabriel” Craig.  As an original member of the globally renowned harmony trio Israel Vibration,  Apple has recently embarked on a solo career, and subsequently has released his first solo record, Another Moses.  During his career with Israel Vibration, Apple was a major contributor to their “anthemic” songs and ethereal “bionic” roots harmonies, and he also wrote a seemingly infinite number of great songs, such as Lift Up Your Conscience, We A De Rasta, Why You So Craven, Oh Jan Solid Rock, Middle East, There is No End, Falling Angels, Mud Up and Rude boy Shuffling.  With his solo career, Apple not only brings to mind his powerful work with Israel Vibration, but he continues to appeal to both new fans and old with his distinct personal style and trademark vocal sound. 

At the age of three, Apple contracted polio and could not move the lower part of his body.  Committed to the Mona polio rehabilitation center in Jamaica, Apple was subjected to medical experiments and regularly endured the conventional treatment for polio at that time, a blistering hot blanket wrap.  “I would just sit down and sing everyday”, he recalls, “because I never have nothing else to do.”  Apple taught himself to play the piano by watching the hands of his teacher as she played, and wrote his first song, “Things of the Morning” when he was just ten years old.  

Musical backing is provided by The Zionists, a potent group of accomplished musicians who were chosen and named by Apple.  The Zionists create the timeless “roots and culture” reggae sound that blends seamlessly with Apple’s incomparable songs and vocals.  Apple Gabriel and the Zionists is a package of the most experienced, hard-working and devoted players of instruments, and poised at the brink of the millennium, the music of Apple Gabriel stands as the cutting edge of conscious, roots reggae music.


   RAS-3245      ANOTHER MOSES


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Additionally, check out Apple when he was a member of the awesome trio of Israel Vibration.

Original - Israel Vibration
Apple pictured here with his old friends Skelly and Wiss:

Cecil  "Skelly"  Spence
Albert  "Apple"  Craig 
Lacelle  "Wiss"  Bulgin 

   RAS-3228 Same Song     SAME SONG
   RAS-3227 Unconquered People     UNCONQUERED PEOPLE
   RAS-3229 Israel Dub     ISRAEL DUB
   RAS-3210 Why You So Craven     WHY YOU SO CRAVEN
   RAS-3037 Stength Of My Life     STRENGTH OF MY LIFE
   RAS-3054 Praises     PRAISES
   RAS-3055 Dub Vibration     DUB VIBRATION
   RAS-3080 Forever     FOREVER
   RAS-3091 Vibes Alive     VIBES ALIVE
   RAS-3120 IV     IV
   RAS-3140 IV Dub     IV DUB
   RAS-3175 On The Rock     ON THE ROCK
   RAS-3190 Dub The Rock     DUB THE ROCK
   RAS-3231 Free To Move     FREE TO MOVE
   RAS-3247 Live Again     LIVE AGAIN
   RAS-3317 Ras Portraits - Israel Vibration     PORTRAITS ISRAEL VIBRATION
     RAS-3331      APPLE VIBES


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