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Barrington Levy

Barrington LevyBarrington Levy has been well recognized in reggae circles since his early recordings with Jah Life, Junjo Lawes, and Jah Screw. Always a solid voice and an expressive vocalists, Barrington has been able to stay consistently poised in the dancehall as one of reggae's most requested vocalist. In the late 1980's, Barrington began working with producer Jah Screw, and together they created some of reggae's most memorable recordings. There was the classic album of Barrington's  greatest hits dubbed Broader Than Broadway, which is one of the best reggae collections ever created. This was released on the pioneering hip-hop label Profile , which helped Barrington to be more recognizable in the crossover market. After a stunning performance on the 1993 Sunsplash, Barrington was signed to MCA Records and released a less than successful album. He quickly parted ways with the label and began working with Jah Screw to make the Duets album, where Levy  teamed with all the hottest DJs from Beenie Man to Lady Saw. He came back larger than life with Bounti Killer on the song "Living Dangerously". This was the undisputed biggest reggae song in Jamaica and the United States of the 1996 and for months sat at the #1 spot on the dancehall charts worldwide. Barrington was lifted to the top of the charts, his career in full swing again. Interesting enough, Barrington spends much time farming and raising animals at his large farm in Claredon. I am sure there will be a whole lot of wind left in his sails in the future. His vocals are still powerful, and we look forward to what is still to come from this prolific singer.

   RAS-3212 Prison Oval Rock     PRISON OVAL ROCK
   RAS-3124 Divine    DIVINE
   RAS-3166 Duets     DUETS
   RAS-3223 Here I Come      HERE I COME
   RAS-3222 Time Capsule    TIME CAPSULE
   RAS-3323 RAS Portraits - Barrington Levy      RAS PORTRAITS - BARRINGTON LEVY




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