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Barrington Levy

Duets   RAS 3166

Produced by: Jah Screw

Recorded by: Murphy and Fatman at Music Works, Jammy's, and Black Scorpio

Mixed by: Bulby, Dr. Marshall at Music Works, and Fatman at Jammy's

Released: 1995

 The hit track "Living Dangerously" with Bounty Killer was #1 on the dancehall charts worldwide. Includes other artist here such as Lady Saw, Beenie Man, and many more. You can't go wrong with these combinations. Duets is sure to please.

Track Listing:

01. Living Dangerously
02. Here I Come
03. Under Mi Sensi
04. Don't Run Away
05. Live Good
06. Two Sounds
07. Girl I Like Your Style
08. Cool & Loving
09. Why You Do It
10. Struggler
11. Looking My Love


Drums: Sly Dunbar, Clevie Brown, and George Firehouse
Bass: Bassy Reynolds, Danny Firehouse
Keyboards: Danny Axeman and Noel Brownie
Synthesizer: Wrong Move
Horns: Dean Fraser and John Irish
Voice Programmer: Murphy

Production Credits:

Produced by Jah Screw
Art and Design: Kristin Harris Design Inc.
Photography: Simon Buckland



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