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Barrington Levy

Prison Oval Rock   RAS 3212

Prison Oval Rock  
Produced by: Henry "Junjo" Lawes

Recorded by: Soldgie and Scientist at  Channel One Studios

Mixed by: Sylvan Morris and Scientist at Harry J and Channel One Studio


Barrington Levy has had a prolific reggae career, to say the least. As a very young singer in Kingston, he made the classic Bounty Hunter album with Jah Life.His voice is unmistakably Barrington and his numerous  hits have created a large following in Jamaica, England and America. This is an album from early in his career and one can hear the sincerity and urgency in his voice. We call this classic Barrington. We're sure you're gonna love it! 

Track Listing:

01. Prison Oval Rock
02. Prison Oval Dub
03. You Say You Love Me
04. Good Loving
05. Rip And Run Off
06. Please Jah Jah
07. Robber Man
08. Hammer
09. Stray Away Girl
10. Mary Long Tongue



Musicians: Backed by Roots Radics

Production Credits

Produced by Henry "Junjo" Lawes
Mastered by: Christopher Chin
Edited by: Chris Scott
Design and Illustration by Kristin Harris
Photo by Jan Salzman


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