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Black Uhuru

Brutal   RAS 3015

RAS 3015
Produced by: Black Uhuru, Doctor Dread, Steven Stanley, Arthur Baker

Recorded by: Steven Stanley at Music Mountain 
Mixed By:  Jim Fox, Steven Stanley, Arthur Baker at: LION and FOX, Music Mountain, Shake Down 

Released: 1986
Brutal is Black Uhuru's first release with new lead singer Junior Reid.


Track Listing:  

Fit You Haffe Fit 
Great Train Robbery 
City Vibes
Uptown Girl 
06. Conviction Or A Fine 
07. Dread In The Mountain 
08. Let Us Pray 
09. Vision 
10. Reggae With You 


Junior Reid : Vocals
Ducky Simpson : Vocals, Vocals(Background)
Puma Jones : Vocals, Vocals(Background)

Sly Dunbar : Drums
Robbie Shakespeare : Bass

Tony Asher : Synthesizer
Tyrone Downie : Organ, Synthesizer
Robbie Lyn : Organ
Jeff Bova : Synthesizer

Willie Lindo : Guitar (Rhythm)
Frank Stepanek : Guitar
Ira Siegal : Guitar
Daryl : Guitar

Mark Gollehom : Horn
Lenny Pickett : Horn

Sky Juice : Percussion
Bashiri Johnson : Percussion

Production Credits
Black Uhuru : Main Performer, Producer
RAS Records : Producer
Doctor Dread : Producer

Steven Stanley : Engineer, Producer
Arthur Baker : Engineer, Producer
Jim Fox : Engineer
Dave Ogren : Engineer
Conrad Malcolm : Engineer

Jeanne Keskinen : Design
Dick Bangham : DesignSleven 
Tommy Noonan : Photography


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