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Black Uhuru

Brutal DUB  RAS 3020

Brutal Dub
Produced by: Black Uhuru, Doctor Dread, Steven Stanley, Arthur Baker

Recorded by: Steven Stanley at Music Mountain 
DUB Mixed By:  Jim Fox, Steven Stanley, Arthur Baker at: Music Mountain, Shake Down, LION and FOX

Released: 1986
This album was nominated for a Grammy in 1986, one year after Black Uhuru had won the first Grammy ever for the newly formed reggae category. After the announcement of this nomination, Brutal DUB was pulled from the lists when the Grammy committee learned that this album was not a vocal release but merely a so called instrumental release. Evidence that the mainstream industry had no understanding of the phenomenon call DUB. Truly a classic DUB LP with original Black Uhuru musicians Sly and Robbie on drum and bass. Murder. 


Track Listing:

Let Us Dub***
Dub In The Mountain ***
Brutalize Me With Dub**
City Dub***
Dub You Haffe Dub*
06. Robbery Dub** 
07. Uptown Dub ***
08. Vision Of Dub ***
09. Dub It With You ***
10. Conviction Or A Dub*


DUB Mix by: *Steven Stanley,** Arthur Baker,*** Jim Fox

Sly Dunbar : Drums
Robbie Shakespeare : Bass

Tony Asher : Synthesizer
Tyrone Downie : Organ, Synthesizer
Robbie Lyn : Organ
Jeff Bova : Synthesizer

Willie Lindo : Guitar (Rhythm)
Frank Stepanek : Guitar
Ira Siegal : Guitar
Daryl : Guitar

Mark Gollehom : Horn
Lenny Pickett : Horn

Sky Juice : Percussion
Bashiri Johnson : Percussion

Production Credits
Black Uhuru : Main Performer,Producer
RAS Records : Producer
Doctor Dread : Producer

Steven Stanley : Engineer, Producer
Arthur Baker : Engineer, Producer
Jim Fox : Engineer
Dave Ogren : Engineer
Conrad Malcolm : Engineer

Jeanne Keskinen : Design
Dick Bangham : Design
Tommy Noonan : Photography



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