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Brigadier Jerry

On The Road   RAS 3071

Produced by: Doctor Dread, John Hamilton, Briggy

Recorded and Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA

Released: 1990

It is clear that Briggy is an enormous talent capable of singing, rapping, and chanting. All of these styles are masterfully presented on this Lp. In fact, there are times when Briggy drifts back and forth between singing and rapping in one song. Don't miss this album. Its a testament to one of Jamaica's most respected talents ever. Remember, it's not everyday a miracle like this will occur.....Enjoy it. Its critically crucial.


Track Listing:

01. On The Road
02. Lyrics Of Mine
03. Jah Creation
04. Born To Love Jah
05. Young Man
06. Roughest MC
07. Mandela For President
08. Tribute To Bob Marley
09. Never Do That
10. Dreadlocks Man


All tracks played by the Roots Radics
'Young Man' played by Noel Alphonso and John Allen
'Mandela For President', 'Dreadlocks Man' played by Steelie and Clevie

Production Credits:

Executive Producer RAS Records
1990 Mitch Ites / Art Holiday
Briggy Pkoto - Gary Himlefarb
Arizona Photo: Mitch and Pam



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