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Bunny Wailer

Retrospective   RAS 06076-89600-2

Produced, performed. Arranged and Directed by: Bunny Wailer

All songs writen by Neville Livingston and published by Solomic Music except tracks 4. 11, & 16. written by Bob Marley. Track 12 written by T. Hibbert.

Jah Bunny Wailer, Jah B, the Living Legend is a foundation member of the original Bob Marley and the Wailers. Having grown up with Bob Marley in the St. Ann parish of Jamaica, Bunny was a prominent member, writer and vocalist with the Wailers.

Singing and performing with the Wailers during their Studio One/Coxone days and working with Lee Perry during those classic recordings, Bunny was a featured artist on the first two Bob Marley titles released by Island “Catch A Fire” and “Burnin”. After leaving the group, Bunny released “Blackheart Man” which is still today considered one of the most significant records ever released in Jamaican reggae music history.

After a brief stint with Island as a solo artist Bunny began producing and releasing product for his own Solomonic label out of Jamaica. Numerous singles and albums have been chart toppers in both Jamaica and in reggae charts around the globe. The CD “Retrospective” is a collection of some of the better known tracks from the late seventies into the early nineties. Originally released by Shanachie Records, this title has been out of print and off the shelves for close to four years.

Hungry Bunny Wailer fans will be delighted to know that this, along with over 10 more out of print titles, will again be available for the first time in many years. For three time Grammy winner Bunny Wailer this is some of his more danceable and uplifting music from his career.


Track Listing:

1. Roots, Radics, Rockers, Reggae
2. Rock 'N' Groove
3. Love Fire
4. Soul Rebel
5. Want To Come Home
6. Ballroom Floor
7. Rise & Shine
8. Cool Runnings
9. Rockers
10. Liberation
11. Time Will Tell
12. Warrior
13. Dance Hall Music
14. Dog War
15. Conscious Lyrics
16. Redemption Song



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