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Help Them Lord  RAS 3262

RAS 3262



Release: April 24, 2001
"The man has a sweet melody voice, man," Chaka eventually answered.  "Any time I listened to him and listened to myself I knew I could mesh with him.”  The compliment is duly returned by Pliers. It is out of this mutual admiration of each other's style and ability that Chaka Demus & Pliers—the greatest Jamaican DJ/singer combo in history—was forged in 1990.

 Since then they've had three consecutive British national pop chart hits. All came during 1993. Their first national pop chart success "Tease Me" went gold in the first quarter, selling 300,000 copies and reaching number three. Their second, "She Don't Let Nobody," in the second quarter, reached number four.  Their third single, the wicked Righteous Brothers cover "Twist and Shout" had—even before its release—pre-sales in excess of 100,000. When it finally hit the road early December, it went straight in at number four. It was the highest chart entry in the British national charts of December 12, 1993. It eventually went to number one and the duo has not stopped basking in the limelight.

 As the first Jamaican act to place three consecutive singles in the top five of the British music charts, Chaka Demus & Pliers have continued to make their presence felt.  Now, in 2001, RAS Records has the honor of releasing their toughest, most fully realized album to date with Help Them Lord.  Spanning fourteen tracks, Help Them Lord fully reveals the stunning interplay of forces in their music, from the impassioned youth anthems “It Hot” and “Help Them Lord” to the bouncy romance of “Lap Top” and “A Little Love.” And—like all of their covers—when Chaka & Pliers work their magic on “Don’t Be Cruel,” they make the song indelibly their own.

 While the dancehalls decay with tired raps on vanity and gunplay, Demus & Pliers offer  visions of wisdom and maturity with “Pon Mi Guard” and “Walk Away From Trouble.”  Like all of Help Them Lord, these tracks embody the new consciousness of dancehall: romantic rather than lustful, respectful rather than hateful, and possessed of a hard-won maturity that comes only from JAH.  The youth are crying out for meaning—won’t we help them lord? 


Track Listing:  

1.)    It Hot
2.)    Help Them Lord
3.)    Don’t Be Cruel
4.)    Lap Top
5.)    Miss Fine
6.)    Love On The Carpet
7.)    Her Love Is Burning
8.)    Crime After Crime
9.)    Uprising
10.)   Bonafide Big Up
A Little Love
12.)   Pon Mi Guard
13.)  Walk Away From Trouble
 14.) Never Gonna Stop



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