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Charlie Chaplin

Two Sides Of Charlie Chaplin   RAS 3043

Produced by: Doctor Dread

Recorded Jauary 15,1989 by: Steven Stanley at Dynamic Studios, Kingston, JA
Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA

Recorded live, in the recording studio, one take, no stopping, with live audience in the studio, no over dubs, raw, real, wicked. 

Track Listing: 

01. Enter Charlie
02. Cultural DJ Business
03. Charlie In The Party
04. Cool The Violence
05. Struggle
06. Freedom
07. DJ Rollcall
08. Nah Go Married


Roots Radics

Bingy Bunny : Guitar
Earl Fitzsimmonds : Piano
Flabba Holt : Bass
Style Scott : Drums

Production Credits:
Charlie Chaplin : Main Performer
Doctor Dread : Producer
Steven Stanley : Engineer, Recording
Jim Fox : Engineer, Mixing

Photo : Gary Himelfarb
Art + Design : Mitch Ites, Art Holiday



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