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This Is Crucial Reggae

Ska   RAS 06076-80444-2

Release Date: June 08, 2004

CD  Song Title


Track Time

  1. Train To Skaville

Ethiopians, The


  2. Stranger At The Door

Cole, Stranger


  3. Broadway Jungle

Toots & The Maytals


  4. 007 (Shanty Town)

Dekker, Desmond


  5. Phoenix City

Alphonso, Roland


  6. Blazing Fire

Morgan, Derrick


  7. Really Now

Dreamletts, The


  8. Miss Jamaica

Cliff, Jimmy


  9. Carry Go Bring Come

Hinds, Justin & The Dominoes


10. Guns Of Navarrone

Skatalites, The


11. Dance Crasher

Ellis, Alton


12. The One I Love

Boothe, Ken




Alphonso, Roland; Boothe, Ken; Cliff, Jimmy; Cole, Stranger; Dekker, Desmond; Dreamletts, The; Ellis, Alton; Ethiopians, The; Hinds, Justin & The Dominoes; Morgan, Derrick; Skatalites, The; Toots & The Maytals; Various



Alexander, Lowell; Alphonso, Roland; Boothe, Ken; Brivett, Lloyd; Cliff, Jimmy; Dekker, Desmond; Dillon, Leonard; Dodd, Clement "Coxsone"; Drummond, Don; Ellis, Alton; Haynes; Hibbert, Frederick; Hines, Justin; Knibbs, Lloyd; Mittoo, Jackie; Moore, Johnny; Morgan, Derrick; Sterling, Lester; Thurman, Geoff




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