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Culture burst onto the scene in 1977 with what has become the record that defines Rockers Reggae, Two Sevens Clash. From that strong beginning, this singing trio has recorded over sixteen albums which have only furthered their position as keepers of the conscious vibe. Before Culture even became "Culture" though, (they were named by Blacka Morwell), their dynamic singer Joseph Hill had already recorded at Coxsone Dodd’s Studio One in the early seventies with the Soul Defenders. In 1976, he joined with (original members) Albert Walker and Kenneth "Paley" Dayes to form the African Disciples. Though the name changed to Culture, they have always been "African Disciples" in their mission. Culture’s albums have been produced by Joe Gibbs, Sonia Pottinger, Sly & Robbie with Blackbeard, Lloyd Evans, Clive Hunt and Joseph Hill himself. Hill’s voice can be heard on songs with Prince Fari, his percussion rings through on "Babylon System" from Bob Marley’s Survival album, and all three original members have worked with former Black Uhuru lead singer Don Carlos.

Culture released Good Things on RAS Records in 1989, with the inclusion of four dub tracks. Their relationship saw full fruition with their 1996 release One Stone (RAS 3188) and the dub accompaniment Stoned (RAS 3177). With well over a dozen weeks on the CMJ New World chart, reaching the number one spot for reggae albums in England, and the release of their music videos "Addis Ababa" and "Riverside", it was clear that there was no stopping them. Next, Culture released the phenomenal Trust Me (RAS 3240) to rave reviews throughout the world, and followed up soon afterwards with the only existing live Culture album, Cultural Livity: Live Culture ’98, an album which gives a very warm memory to those familiar with their high-energy performances. The current line-up includes Kenneth Dayes’ replacement Talford Nelson joining Albert Walker and Afrine Hill on backing vocals, while Joseph Hill continues to shine on the lead.

Culture is unstoppable. They will not rest until peace, unity and fairness for all living beings has been reached. Their millenium release Payday, set to be in stores February 8, 2000 paves new musical and lyrical paths and will undoubtedly enhance Culture's legacy of powerful positive music.

   RAS-3048 Good Things     GOOD THINGS
   RAS-3188 One Stone     ONE STONE
   RAS-3177 Stoned     STONED   (DUB)
   RAS-3240 Trust Me     TRUST ME
   RAS-3241 Clutural Livity     CULTURAL LIVITY
   RAS-3252 Payday     PAYDAY
   RAS-3321 RAS Portraits - Culture     PORTRAITS CULTURE
   RAS-3270      LIVE IN AFRICA CD
   RAS-5003 RAS Portraits - Culture     LIVE IN AFRICA DVD


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