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Trust Me   RAS 3240

Trust Me  
Produced by: Joseph Hill

Recorded by: Fathead and Carrot at Mixing Lab, Kingston, Jamaica

Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios

Released: 1997

Trust the righteous rastaman, not the politicians and media. The truth of the rastaman would never lead you astray. Here Culture reflects upon life, God, and the tricks of the system. Culture continues to deliver the message of righteousness. 

Track Listing:

01. Trust Me
02. Riverside
03. Outcast
04. Writing On The Wall
05. No Night
06. Walk With Jah
07. Chant Down Babylon
08. Dirty Tricks
09. Black Starliner
10. Jah Pretty Face
11. Reasoning
12. Babylon A Weep
13. Jah Pretty Face-Niahbingi Mix


Joseph Hill: Lead Vocals
Albert Walker: Vocals
Dub Mystic
Dexter Valmond: Bass

Dean "Digital" Pond : Bass, Percussion
Ricky Richardson : Guitar, Vocals
Noel Aikens : Keyboards
Chris Whitley : Keyboards

Harry T. Powell : Percussion
Dean Fraser : Saxophone
Afrine Hill : Vocals
David Madden : Trumpet
Clyde Golden: Percussion

Production Credits

Culture : Main Performer
Fathead : Engineer
Carrot : Engineer

Jim Fox : Mixing



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