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Produced by: Doctor Dread

Mastered at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA

Released: 1997

The name alone "Culture", when used in reference to one of Jamaica's finest reggae groups, is one that brings nods of respect. Their story begins in 1977 with their legendary release Two Sevens Clash, and spans nearly two decades of musical change where the group, headed by the dynamic Joseph hill, has always moved with the times, while remaining as an identifying source of roots music. Culture includes it's own band, and has pleased new and faithful fans with their seductive rhythms, spiritual presence and overall energetic performances.

Track Listing:

01. One Stone
02. Youth Man Move
03. Addis Ababa
04. Good Things
05. Lazybones
06. Chanting On
07. Mark Of The Beast
08. I Tried
09. Psalm Of Bob Marley
10. Stoned Again
11. Slice On Mount Zion
12. Righteous Dub

Production Credits

Joseph Hill : Mixing, Producer
Fathead : Engineer
Lynford "Fatta" Marshall : Engineer
Jim Fox : Mixing
Brian Jahn : Photography



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