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David Kirton

Stranger   RAS 3249

David Kirton, Stanger
Executive Producer: David O Kirton, Noelle Attaway Kirton for Birds Ey Music, Inc.

Produced by: Chris Allman, David Kirton, Mike Bennett

Recorded by: Chris Allman at Slam City Studios, Barbados,WI. Glen Johansen, live

Mixed by: Rohan Dwyer at Grafton Studios, JA

Released: July 27, 1999
Straight from Barbados, David Kirton is a new talent destined for superstardom. From the opening track of Stranger, his debut on RAS, it's apparent that this new artist is no stranger to the many forms of Jamaican music that have influenced and made an impact on him. But it doesn't end with a simple interpretation of these influences; David Kirton has shown a true mastery of these styles by synthesizing these influences into his own sound, a spirited mix of lover's rock and roots rhythms with his refreshingly sweet and original vocal sound. His incredibly smooth delivery has an exotic tinge which at times can be downright enticing. This summer David Kirton will officially announce his arrival to the world when he takes the stage at the Spirit of Unity Tour.


Track Listing:

01. Stranger
Reggae City
Bridgetown Burnin
Rasta Meditation
06. Stand Up
07. Cool Breezin'
08. Home for the Holiday
09. Culture Fusion
10. Show Me Your Lovin'
11. Thanks and Praise
12. Bubblin'

UPC Barcode, CD: 021823 3249 2



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