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Dean Fraser

I have always loved Dean Fraser as a human being and as a musician. I have always considered Dean a world class musicians of any genre. He is as comfortable playing jazz as he is reggae and is a naturally gifted artist. In the studio, Dean can easily arrange horn phrases for songs, which makes working with him a pleasure. Dean is quite the serious individual. If anyone, engineer or musician, is not one hundred percent in sync in the studio, Dean will let them know it. Dean has been featured on nearly 1000 albums where horn work was required. He had established himself as a solo artist after his remake of the Bob Marley classic "Redemption Song" tore up 1983's Sunsplash and was later recorded for Joe Gibbs. Later, Dean began working with Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell and was responsible for a number of productions with the Xterminator label. It was during this time in 1992 that Dean and Fatis approached me about releasing a solo effort and suggested that we mix it at LION and FOX Recording Studios. This was a great experience! It was called Taking Chances. Dean continues to tour with Luciano 
and the Xterminator crew  as well as assisting Fatis with production and arrangements in the studio. "Cannon" as he is referred to in the studio, is still a humble and very cool person. He has worked on both "Reggae For Kids" albums and on all the recent Israel Vibration releases for RAS. I can't say enough about Dean and what a special person he is, so I will just give it up and let the music speak for itself.
( Doctor Dread)

   RAS-3106 Taking Chances     TAKING CHANCES
   RAS-3127 Dean Plays Bob     DEAN PLAYS BOB Vol.1
   RAS-3186 Dean Plays Bob 2     DEAN PLAYS BOB Vol.2
   RAS-3325 RAS Portraits - Dean Fraser     RAS PORTRAITS - DEAN FRASER


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