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Dean Fraser

Dean Plays Bob, Volume 1   RAS 3127

Produced by: Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell and Dean Fraser

Recorded by: Paul, Syl, Garfield at Music Works; Kingston, Jamaica
Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA

Released: 1994

Jamaican sax giant Dean Fraser has been a fan of the Wailers - Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer - all his life. "At Fourth Street in Trench Town", he recalls, "where I lived, the road came straight across the gully. And I used to stand there in the evenings and watch them, Bunny, Peter, and Bob, and then I would leave when they would go down to the football field and I would watch them play. I used to go over by Bob's house on Second Street. A lot of smoke, a lot of vibes, cuz there was a lot of people singing, not just them. It was just inspirational, especially around '70, '71, Lee Perry time. At the time people regarded the Wailers like they take dancehall now. 'Who The Cap Fit,' 'Sun Is Shining', 'Trenchtown Rock', those are upsetter songs that really rock down the place.  The eternal music of reggae's greatest trio stayed in Fraser's melody-rich memory, eventually leading to "Dean Plays Bob". Fraser personally chose all the songs. "The real concept of me doing songs like these is that I wanted to bring out songs you don't really get everyday. You hear songs like 'Roadblock', 'Jamming', and 'War', everyday. The minute a person says Marley you hear 'One Love'. Playing songs like 'Hurting Inside', 'Lick Samba', and 'Rock My Boat', is really my concept. The album is an instrumental tribute to the life of Bob Marley and to reggae music in general.

Track Listing:

01. Africa Unite
02. So Jah Seh
03. Turn Your Lights Down Low
04. The Heathen
05. Pimpers Paradise
06. I'm Hurting Inside
07. Crazy Baldheads
08. Lick Samba
09. Is This Love?
10. Small Axe
11. Roots, Rock, Reggae

Drums: Sly Dunbar, Paul Kastick
Bass: Michael Fletcher, Donald Dennis
Piano: Bowie McClaughlin
Guitar: Winston "Bo Peep' Bowen, Maurice Gordon, Leebert 'Gibby' Morrison
Keyboards Overdubs: Robbie Lyn
Backing Vocals: 54-46, Dean Fraser

Production Credits:
Cover Art by Stacey Cohen
Packaging Design: Kristin Harris
Liner Note by Roger Steffens



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