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Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown         Dennis Emmanuel Brown -  
         February 1, 1957-July 1, 1999; Age 42 
        "The Crowned Prince of Reggae"

Known as the "Crowned Prince of Reggae", Dennis has been one of Jamaica's top vocalists for many years. His career began as a young teenager with Coxsone Dodd's Studio One Records where he recorded two albums. He really hit his stride in the subsequent  years though as he recorded album after album for Joe Gibbs. Dennis, like many other reggae artists, began to spread out and start recording for many other producers, including Gussie Clark, Flabba Holt, and Sly and Robbie, among others. He began a prolific release schedule that sometimes would amount to as many as six albums in one year. Dennis was in demand, and the producers were lining up at his door. RAS first became involved with Dennis when Sly and Robbie brought us the Brown Sugar album that featured tracks like "Revolution" and "Sitting and Watching" , which had been a big hit for island records. An album from Dennis's close friend Leggo Beast was the result of a newly opened (in the early 1990's) studio called Leggo in Kingston. RAS  continued to release about one album per year from Dennis, mostly produced by his close brethren Flabba Holt, bass player extraordinaire for the Roots Radics. These have also been recorded at Leggo where Flabba seemed to have the knack of getting Dennis to do his best. He will definitely go down in the reggae record books as one of Jamaica's best vocalist ever, deservedly so.


   RAS-3207    Brown Sugar     BROWN SUGAR 
   RAS-3072  Victory Is Mine     VICTORY IS MINE
   RAS-3116  Gregory and Dennis - Blood Brothers     BLOOD BROTHERS (W / GREGORY ISSACS)
   RAS-3137 Nothing Like This     NOTHING LIKE THIS 
   RAS-3193  Nilk and Honey     MILK AND HONEY
  RAS-3322 RAS Portraits - Dennis Brown     PORTRAITS DENNIS BROWN
   RAS-3182   Bless Me Jah     BLESS ME JAH 


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