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Dennis Brown

May Your Food Basket Never Empty   RAS 3256

RAS Portraits - Dennis Brown  
Produced by: Flabba Holt

Recorded by: G. Bravo, Perry Hendricks, Rohan Richards

Mixed by: G.Bravo, Perry Hendricks

Released: July 25, 2000

The "Crowned Prince of Reggae".

Though Dennis Brown left us just under a year ago, the memory of his great contributions to reggae music lives on through a selection of vault gems he created at Leggo Studio in Kingston, Jamaica. Producer Flabba Holt presents a collection of covers and D Brown originals in which the Crown Prince more than earns his title. Brown is at his vocal best ever here and shines on tracks such as Israel Vibration’s "Same Song," Ken Booth’s "Just Another Girl" and one of Brown’s own hits, "Money In My Pocket." Sweet sounds are provided by Flabba Holt, Steve Golding, Cat Core, Dean Fraser, Nambo, Tony Green, Bubbler, Deadly Headly, Obeah and other strong Jamaican musicians. Descriptive liner notes by Flabba Holt pay respectful tribute to his friend and colleague. 100% of the album’s royalties go towards ensuring that the Brown family’s food basket will never empty.

Track Listing:
1.The Same Song
2.Just Another Girl
3.How Could I Live
4.Make It Easy On Yourself
5.Money In My Pocket
6.Why Did You Leave?
7.Straighten My Life
10.Brotherman Unite
11.Praise Without Raise
12.Lady Madonna
13.Joy In The Morning


Main Performer: Dennis Brown
Produced by: Errol "Flabba" Holt
Recorded by G. Bravo, Perry Hendricks, and, Rohan Richards
Mixed by: G. Bravo



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