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Mouse Gone Wild RAS 06076-89913-2

Mouse Gone Wild - Eek-A-MouseProduced by Doctor Dread and Ayoola Daramola
All instruments played by Ayoola
Recorded and mixed by Jim Fox, LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA
two remix tracks by Tricky

STREET DATE: March 23, 2004

The first Eek A Mouse studio album in almost five years. Includes two great extra tracks remixed by Tricky. A video of lead track “Schizophrenic” will be serviced nationwide to all relevant video outlets.   

At 6’6” above sea level, Eek A Mouse (real name Ripton Hylton) has a commanding presence that is at once outrageous, bizarre and uniquely original. Mouse is an artist who has created a style all his own, utilizing reggae, rock and hip hop rhythms to complement his often humorous and sometimes very poignant lyrics. Eek A Mouse, who has entertained audiences around the world for almost twenty years with his outrageous on stage antics, is the originator and finest exponent of that particular form of reggae which has become known as “sing-jay” where singing and rapping work in and out through a song. His unique style earned him a hit on the British charts with ”Wa Do Dem” and his street smart roots (he was born and raised in Trenchtown, Jamaica) earned him a role in the movie “New Jack City”. ABOUT THE ALBUM The brand new CD entitled  “Mouse Gone Wild” is Eek A Mouse’s wildest and most outrageous effort yet. Nigerian newcomer Ayoola has created a music bed with hip hop as its most prominent component, while producer Doctor Dread has collaborated with Mouse to add lyrics that are at once controversial and up to the minute. With two exclusive remixes by Tricky, and songs dealing with schizophrenia, ghetto life and the American dream, “Mouse Gone Wild” will take you on an adventure you will never forget. 


1. Police Chase (skit)
2. Lick Shot
3. Jamaicanese
4. Uptown Dread
5. Schizophrenic
6. Wine
7. Pussy and the Mouse
8. American Girl
9. Divas
10. American Dream
11. Hannibal The Cannibal
12. Ghetto
13. Eek A Mouse
Tricky Remixes:
14. Jamaicanese
15. Schizophrenic


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