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Frankie Paul

Hard Work   RAS 3134

Hard Work  
Produced by: Tappa Zukie

Recorded by:
Mixed by: Bravo, Fatta, Bulby at Mixing Lab and Leggo Studio, Kingston, Jamaica


Track Listing:

01. Work Hard
Blake 3:40
02. You Will Never Know
03. Stealing Stealing
04. Everlasting Love
05. Heaven
06. Keep Faith
Blake 3:50
07. Leaving Out Of Babylon
Blake 4:10
08. Children Of Isreal
Blake 4:05
09. Stormy Night
Blake 3:50
10. She's My Lady
Blake 3:59



Bass: Flabba Holt
Drum and Bass: Mafia Fluxi, and Sly
Keyboards: Bubbler, Asha, Clive Hunt
Lead Guitar: Gitsy

Production Credits:

Executive Producer: Tappa Zukie
Photos: Tommy Noonan
Art and Design: Dick Bangham and Linda Gibbon



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