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Freddie McGregor

Freddie McGregor  
Freddie McGregor is truly a class act. He has been working with RAS Records since 1980. Besides is own titles on RAS Records he has been instrumental in many of RAS Records' special projects, including: both "Reggae for Kids" albums. It was Freddie's band, The Studio One Band that recorded the riddums for the original "RAS Records Presents a Reggae Christmas". An soon he will be featured on a new Movie Classics CD. 

Freddie is top of everyone's list as a hard working,  great entertainer, song writer, producer, and all around respected man.  Freddie is known for helping other artist with their careers and has his own recording studio in that effort.

   RAS-3002 Come On Over     COME ON OVER
   RAS-3009 Across The Border     ACROSS THE BORDER
   RAS-3014 All In The Same Boat     ALL IN THE SAME BOAT
   RAS-3160 Forever My Love     FOREVER MY LOVE
   RAS-3305 RAS Portraits - Freddie McGregor     RAS PORTRAITS FREDDIE MCGREGOR



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