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Freddie McGregor

Across The Border   RAS 3009

Across The Border  
Produced by: Freddie McGregor and Doctor Dread

Recorded by: Geoffery Chung, Bunny Tom Tom at Dynamic, Music Mountain, Tuff Gong, Kingston, Jamaica
Mixed by: Freddie McGregor, Geoffery Chung, Dalton Browne, Tad Dawkins at Quad Radial Studios, Miami, Florida
Overdub and Assistant Engineers: Noel Hearn, Errol Brown, O. Chunny Palmer; (Assistants), Paul Garay, Mark Ricchmond, Bob Ingra


 Includes the hit track, Guantanemera, which is well known all over the world.
Album cover has photos of Freddie McGregor from his early days of working with Coxsone Dodd, when he was seven years old.

Track Listing:

01. Across The Border
02. Freddie
03. Out Of The Valley
04. Work To Do Today
05. Guantanamera
06. Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
07. Love Will Solve The Problems
08. War Mongers
09. High Tension
10. Freedom, Justice & Equality


Drums: Cleveland Brown
Bass: Earl "Bagga" Walker, Glen Browne
Rhythm Guitar: Dalton Browne, Danny Browne
Lead Guitar: Larry White, Dalton Browne
Acoustic Piano: Pablo Black, Geoffery Chung
Synthesizer: Pablo Black, Mallory Williams, Robbie Lyn
Organ: Pablo Black
Percussion: Everton Carrington, Cleveland Browne
Horns: Dean Fraser, Nambo Robinson, Chico Chin, David Madden, Egbert Evans, Michael Carrol
Synth Bass: Tyrone Downie
Simmons Drums: Cleveland Brown
Backing Vocals: Dalton Browne, Cleveland Browne, Danny Browne, Pam Hall, Anicia Banks
Freddie McGregor, Pablo Black

Production Credits:

Executive Producer: RAS Records
Rhythm arrangements by Freddie McGregor and the Studio One Band



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