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Gladiators"Dread is me culture, know wha' I mean? Me could not a' sing reggae music and really be a man that trim. Ha fe be a dread. When I say dread, a Rastaman. I ha fe dread because every song that I sing is dread. Yeah, the music itself dread . . . Just I way deh. One o' the humble, one o' de meek, one o' de cool, but very vicious when I deal with music."
-- Albert Griffiths 

Roots Rock Reggae!

THE GLADIATORS have been in the arena since 1967, when Albert Griffiths formed the legendary band—whose name was suggested to him during a bus ride by a traveller who had just seen the movie "Ben Hur." The idea of men who fought for their liberty against Babylon immediately seduced the rasta and the name stuck, remaining a testament today to the hardness and struggle of Jamaica. From their first hit "Hello Carol" to their seminal classics Trenchtown Mix-Up and Proverbial Reggae, The Gladiators have always given the best of themselves in studio and on stage and proven that they are without protest one of the first real Roots Rock Reggae bands.


   RAS-89935      FATHER AND SONS


Albert Griffiths



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