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Gregory Isaacs 

I.O.U   RAS 3052

Produced by: Augustus "Gussie" Clark; Assisted by Michael Bennet and Courtney "Irish Mikey" Small

Recorded by: Courtney Small, Sylvester "Big R" Gordon at Music Works, Jamaica
Mixed by: Steven Stanley

Released: 1989

Thirteen very nice Gregory Isaacs' songs. Very sweet rhythms with Gregory's wonderful voice. Also includes tracks with Mutubaruka and Jimmy Cliff. Title track I.O.U is excellent.

Track Listing:

01. Too Good To Be True
02. Fall For You Again
03. Fatal Attraction
04. What's The Matter
05. Can't Make A Slip
06. Report To Me
07. I.O.U.
08. Express Love
09. Hard Road To Travel
10. Break The Ice
11. Easy Life
12. Big All Around
13. Jealousy



Drums: Cleveland Brown
Bass: Danny Brown, Steelie
Synthesizers: Robbie Lyn
Horns: Rass Brass
Background Vocals and Harmonies: Nadine Sutherland, Michael Bennett, Brian and Tony Gold, Dean Fraser

Production Credits:

Arrangements by Music Works Studio Crew
Mastered at The Town House, London



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