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Gregory Isaacs

Looking Back   RAS 3196

Looking Back  
Produced by: All tracks by various producers


This collection was put together by the "Cool Ruler" himself and was to be titled "Personal Best". But it really is more of a looking back at the brilliant career of a singer who will go down in history as one of Jamaica's greatest recording artists. Many will claim that these are the tracks from when Gregory was "In His Prime" and his voice was at it's all time best. We prefer to just sit back, and relax, and listen to the greatness we know as Gregory. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

01. End Of The World
02. Looking Back
03. Write Myself A Letter
04. Coming Home
Isaacs 2:40
05. Do You Ever
06. Promise Me
Isaacs 3:05
07. Conversation
08. Silver Bird
09. Lonely Soldier
10. Way Of Life
Isaacs 2:40
11. Sinner Man
Isaacs 3:07
12. Thief A Man
Isaacs 2:45
13. Loneliness
Isaacs 2:54
14. Crying Over You



Various Musicians

Production Credits:

Various Producers



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