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Open The Door   RAS 06076-89696-2

RAS PORTRAITS - Gregory Isaacs  

Release date: May 18, 2004

Gregory Isaacs is a Jamaican musical icon whose hits include, "Night Nurse," "Rumours" and "My Number One." A brilliant songwriter and entertainer, Gregory Isaacs is one of the most loved entertainers in the reggae world. Since his first releases in the 1970's, Isaacs has left a string of best selling releases and melted hearts worldwide. His signature smooth, sweet, soulful sound is often imitated, but never outdone.

"Open The Door" and open your heart. The cool ruler of reggae makes a triumphant come back to the form that first made him famous. These new recordings pair him with noted producers and musicians Mafia & Fluxy. This album embraces you with the passion and amour that Gregory exudes from his every pore. And with such grace and effortless delivery, it is once again obvious why Gregory Isaacs is the legend he deserves to be.

One of Reggae's all-time-greats returns with a classic

Track Listing:

1. Forgive Her
2. Margaret
3. She's Gone
4. Have I Sinned
5. If By Chance
6. False Evidence
7. Never Knew Love
8. Open The Door
9. Promise Me
10. Down The Line
11. Josephine
12. Sametime
13. Sametime Dub
14. Josephine Dub
15. Dub The Line




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