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Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs Sings Dennis Brown   RAS 06076-89934-2

All songs written by Dennis Brown.
Illustration and design:  Leonardo Quiles
Recording Studio:  Poor People Recording Studio
Recording and Mixing Engineers:  Mickey Riley, English

Release date: Feb, 8, 2005
Make no mistake about it.  Gregory and Dennis were more than just good friends.  They were like brethren.  Both icons in the Jamaican music industry.  The love and mutual respect they had for each other was one of admirations and understanding.

Both had their tribulations and hardships in life.  Both came from the ghetto and through hard work achieved great success.  Greatly loved by the people, Dennis and Gregory always stayed true to their roots and always put the people first.

Neither one succumbed to the trappings of the uptown dread.  Gregory, at his African Museum shop off Parade, and Dennis working his DEB Music label with Leggo on Orange Street.  Yes, They were definitely from downtown.  They were a fixture on the scene and looked up to by the many youth who would look up to them for guidance and inspiration. 

So, what a natural thing for Dennis to sing his brethrenís tunes and now for Gregory to honor his brother the same way.  We know youíre gonna love it.  Go deh!

Track List:
1. No Man Is An Island
2. Westbound Train
3. Money In My Pocket
4. Wolves and Leopards
5. Love Has Found Its Way
6. Inseparable
7. How Could I Leave
8. Cassandra
9. Ghetto Girl
10. If I Had the World To Give
11. Love and Hate
12. Hold On
13. Prophet Rides Again
14. Should I
15. Tribulation

Lead Vocals:  Gregory Isaacs
Backing Vocals:  Gregory Isaacs, Brenda (E.Q.) Earnest Wilson
Wrong Move Obeah, M. Riley, Danny Marshall, Flabba Holt


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