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Israel Vibration

Free To Move   RAS 3231

Free To Move  
Produced by: Doctor Dread and Israel Vibration

Recorded and Mixed by: Jim Fox; LION and FOX Recording Studios; USA

Overdubs Recorded by: Fatta, Mikey Irish, Nigel; Music Works, Kingston, Jamaica

Released: August 1996

Israel Vibration continues to create concious lyrics on top of beautiful harmonies. From the uplifting single, Feelin Irie, to Livity In The Hood, and onto Might Negus, Israel Vibration takes us through all of the emotional aspects in the reality of life. Upon hearing this your soul will also be Free To Move.

Track Listing:

01. Terrorist
02. Mud Up  
03. Travelling Man
04. System Not Working
05. Pretty Woman  
06. Livity In The Hood
07. Saviour In Your Life
08. Solomon Bloodline
09. Feelin' Irie
10. Another Day
11. Life Is Real
12. Mighty Negus


Israel Vibration:
Lacelle " Wiss" Bulgin : Vocals
Albert " Apple" Craig : Vocals
Cecil " Skelly" Spence : Vocals

Roots Radics:

Flabba Holt : Bass
Carl Ayton : Drums
Dwight Pinkney : Guitar
Steve Golding : Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Rhythm)
Tee Bird : Organ, Piano

Robby Lynn : Keyboard Overdubs
Augustus Pablo : Melodica, Organ
Harry T. : Drums, Funde Drum

Sky Juice : Percussion, Talking Drum
Nambo : Trombone
Dean Fraser : Saxophone
Chico : Trumpet

Production Credits

Doctor Dread : Producer
Jim Fox : Engineer
Fatta : Engineer
Mike Irish : Engineer
Tony "Dr. Edit" Garcia : Photography
Peter Barry : Photography
Mitch Ites : Art Direction



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