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Israel Vibration

Pay The Piper   RAS 3251

Pay The Piper  
Produced by: Israel Vibration

Recorded by: Jim Fox at Leggo Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica 
and by Rohan and Perry at Leggo Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica

Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION
and FOX Recording Studio, USA

Released: January 26, 1999

Pay The Piper shows Israel Vibration will continue to please us with their strong lyrics and creative rhythms. They show their versatility as artists when they touch on some ska beats on a few tracks. They even end the cd with the fun song Surfin.


01. Sytematical Fraud
Bulgin 4:11
02. Pay The Piper
Spence 4:48
03. Original Soljahs
Bulgin 3:50
04. Nuttin' Nah Bruk
Spence 4:21
05. Pop Off
Bulgin 3:58
06. Exploitation
Spence 4:35
07. Hard Road
Bulgin 4:09
08. So Much Youths
Spence 3:38
09. Get Up And Go
Bulgin 4:14
10. Stinky Mouth
Spence 3:18
11. Nuff Rude Boys
Bulgin 4:02
12. Surfin
Spence 4:43
13. Bonus Track

Israel Vibration:
Lacelle " Wiss" Bulgin 
Cecil " Skelly" Spence

Roots Radics:

Flabba Holt : Bass
Carl Ayton : Drums
Dwight Pinkney : Guitar
Steve Golding : Guitar (Rhythm)
Tee Bird : Keyboards

Piano, Organ : Bubbler  
Melodica: Augustus Pablo
Synthesizer, Organ: Robbie Lynn, Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul, Richard "Tee Birdí Johnson, Keith Sterling
Saxophone: Dean Fraser
Trombone: "Nambo" Robinson
Trumpet: Junior "Chico" Chin, David Madden
Percussion: Harry "T" Powell, Uzziah "Sticky" Thompson
Harmonies: Lacelle "Wiss" Bulgin, Cecil "Skelly" Spence, Pam Hall, Annie McDaniel, Fiona

Production Credits

Produced by: Israel Vibration
Arranged by: Israel Vibration, Roots Radics
Art Design by: Imari 
Photography by: Peter Barry, Imari



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