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Jericho   RAS 3255

IV, JERICHO to be Released May 16, 2000
Executive Producer Israel Vibration, Inc.
Produced by: Israel Vibration, and Flabba Holt

Recorded at: by Jim Fox at Leggo Recording Studios, Kingston, JA, January 3-8. 2000

Special thanks to Buffy at Leggo.

Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA, February 21-26, 2000

Mastered by: Fox

Release Date: May 16, 2000

Session notes/photos

It is not every day that groups like Israel Vibration are born. Neither is it every day that albums like Jericho (RAS 3255) are created. If you know Israel Vibration, then you know that their disabilities are secondary to their struggle for truth and justice. Perhaps youíve seen Skelly and Wiss skank on stage with unspeakably creative use of their crutches. And if youíve listened to their words, you know that they are men of unconquerable strength and optimism. They are models of survival. Now, RAS Records is pleased to present to you their most unique album to date.

Skelly and Wiss really look forward to their work in the studio, as it is their chance to express their faith in new and creative ways. Jericho has them reaching to the next level. For starters, their picks for musicians on this album reads like a "Whoís Who" of Jamaican music with the likes of Roots Radics members Flabba Holt on Hofner bass and Tee-bird gracing the piano. Jericho also features stellar performances from Chinna Smith on lead guitar, classically trained and former Peter Tosh rhythm guitarist Steve Golding, the undeniable sounds of Dean Fraser on saxophone, the full sounds of Chico (trumpet), Nambo (trombone) and David Madden (trumpet), Robbie Lynn (organ and synthesizer), and Harry T and Sticky lending percussive support to the legendary Sly Dunbar. Even Junior Marvin couldnít resist laying down some guitar licks! Skelly and Wissís songs are beautifully supported by their own harmonies as well as those of Pam Hall and JC Lodge (just try to get them out of your mind after listening to "On Borrowed Time!").

But what really makes this album something else is the pure magic of Israel Vibration. They have the honorable status of reaching a very wide audience- from very spiritual Rasta brothers and sisters to youthful reggae enthusiasts in France, Brazil and hundreds of countries and cultures in between. They do this by giving their full commitment to each honest lyric, always singing from the heart, with the true spirit of universality. Whether itís the bounciní "Jammin," social critique on "Violence in the Street" or reaching out to the Motherland on "African Unification," the listener will agree that Jericho is undeniably the most crucial Israel Vibration collection of recent years.


Track Listing: 
 1. Lost Souls 
 2. Crips and Bloods (Gang Bang Slam) 
 3. Evening Shadow 
 4. Jericho 
 5. Breeze a Blow 
 6. On Borrowed Time 
 7. Violence in the Street 
 8. African Unification
 9. Trouble 
10. Jammin 
11. Move Over 
12. Thank God Itís Friday

Production Credits:
Executive Producer Israel Vibration, Inc.
Produced by: Israel Vibration, and Flabba Holt
Recorded at: Leggo Recording Studios, Kingston, JA by Jim Fox, January 3-8. 2000
Special thanks to Buffy at Leggo.
Mixed at: LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA by Jim Fox, February 21-26. 2000
Mastered by Fox

Lead vocals: Lacelle "Wiss" Bulgin, Cecil "Skelly" Spence
Drums: Sly Dunbar, Derrick "Stewy" Stewart
Hofner bass: Errol "Flabba Holt" Carter
Piano: Richard "Tee Birdí Johnson, Keith Sterling
Rhythm guitar: Steve Golding
Lead guitar: Earl "Chinna" Smith, and Junior Marvin
Synthesizer, Organ: Robbie Lynn, Franklyn "Bubbler" Waul, Richard "Tee Birdí Johnson, Keith Sterling, Lloyd "Obeah" Denton
Saxophone: Dean Fraser
Trombone: "Nambo" Robinson
Trumpet: Junior "Chico" Chin, David Madden
Percussion: Harry "T" Powell, Uzziah "Sticky" Thompson
Harmonies: Lacelle "Wiss" Bulgin, Cecil "Skelly" Spence, Pam Hall, J. C. Lodge, Kimberly Miller, Bunny Brissett

UPC Barcode Info:
CD: 0 21823 32552
CS: 0 21823 32554
LP: 0 21823 32551



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