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Israel Vibration

Power Of The Trinity   RAS 8001     3 CD Box Set

CultureProduced by : Doctor Dread and Israel Vibration

Art Direction, Package Design, and illustration by: Mitch Ites/Art Holiday Intl.
Creating art and design for Israel Vibration since 1988, including album, single and CD packaging, tour shirts, and their world tour backdrop.

Production Assistant : Greg Orsi
Source Photograph by : Peter Barry

Contributing writers :  Doctor Dread, Brad Klein and,
Roger Steffins: Reggae Archivist, Lecturer, and Historian
Chuck Foster : Radio KPFK, Beat Magazine Columnist, 
and Author of "Roots Rock Reggae"
Jim Fox: Recording Engineer, LION and FOX Studios and
Cana, The Caribbean News Agency

Release date : October 17, 2000

Special edition 3 CD box set tracing the legacy of reggae music's most spiritual and enduring vocal trio. Israel Vibration's most extraordinary music with spoken song introductions by the artists. as well a inspiring interviews fully transcribed and in an exclusive book containing unpublished testimonies, photos and tour memorabilia.




 3 CDs include  

     RAS-3331      APPLE VIBES
     RAS-3332      WISS VIBES
     RAS-3333      SKELLY VIBES

Three CDs, Deluxe Package Designed by Mitch Ites 

4 Hours of music and unreleased interviews

Over 100 Pages of Unpublished Photos & Text

The Complete Legacy of Reggae Music's
        Most Spiritual and Enduring Vocal Trio


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