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J.C. Lodge

JC Lodge  
Early in her career she had an enormous breakthrough with Joe Gibbs when the song "Someone Loves You Honey" exploded in Holland and sold over 500,000 copies.
She later hooked up with Willie Lindo and did a number of Jamaican Chart topping song which lead to the album "Revealed" released by RAS Records in 1984. It was soon after that JC contributed a beautiful version of "Joy To The World" on the RAS Christmas album. After one album with Tommy Boy, JC returned to the RAS family and delivered three excellent albums since that time.


   RAS-3010 Revealed     REVEALED
   RAS-3128 To The Max     TO THE MAX
   RAS-3168 Special Request     SPECIAL REQUEST
   RAS-3198 Love For All Seasons     LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS
   RAS-3310 RAS Portraits - JC Lodge     RAS PORTRAITS - JC Lodge


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