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J.C. Lodge

To The Max   RAS 3128

To The Max  
Produced by: Errol O'Mealy and JC Lodge

Recorded by: Linford "Fatta" Marshall, Gaylord Bravo, Paul Hussey, Delroy"Dr. Marshall" Harrison. Assistant Engineers: Colin "Bulby" York, Chester Walker, Hugh Palmer, Ian "Fathead" McLean, Oneal "Wingy" Sampson.
At Mixing Lab, Kingston, Jamaica

Mixed by: Linford Marshall, Stephen Stanley at Mixing Lab, Kingston, Jamaica

Released: 1993

Solid rhythms and beautiful harmonies make this one of JC Lodge's finest recordings.

Track Listing:

01. Activate Me
02. Between The Sheets
03. How'd Ya Like That Baby?
04. Love You To The Max
05. Trust Me
06. Save The Talk (For Later)
07. I Am Someone
08. Crysis
09. I Just Can't Forget You
10. Where You Belong
11. Loving You
12. Hold On To Your Faith
13. Live And Active


Rhythm Arrangements by Sly and Robbie, Clevie and Danny, Balliie/Reid/McLaughlin. Additional arrangements by Clive Hunt, Errol O'Mealy, JC Lodge
Instrumental arrangements by Clive Hunt
Vocal Harmonies by JC Lodge and Clive Hunt
Harmony Vocalist: Pam Hall, JC Lodge, Annie McDaniel, Nadine Sutherland, Clevie Brown, Dalton Browne, Danny Browne, Tyrone Downie, Brian and Tony Gold

Production Credits:

"Between The Sheet" produced by Tappa Zukie
Art direction and design: Mitch Ites / Art Holiday International
Photography by: Peter Ferguson/Photo Workshop



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