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Junior Reid

The Bloods   RAS 3154

The Bloods  
Produced by: Junior Reid

Recorded and Mixed by: Carl "Banton" Nelson, Dayton "Pete" Foster, Steve and Gary Sutherland; at JR Recording Studio, Kingston, Jamaica 

Released: 1994

On "JR and The Bloods", Reid is working together with his crew of artists and moving forward with his works. Whether sharing the mic with another singer or DJ, Reid continues to deliver a powerful message as his music moves from strength to strength. From his humble beginnings in Waterhouse to his current position as director of JR Productions, Junior Reid has proved that through hard work and perseverance, one can actually control their own destiny and create a better world. Nuff respect to the man called Junior Reid.

Track Listing:

01. Anthem, Jr Reid and Bitter Roots 
02. Burning Down, Jr Reid and Michael Rose 
03. Gun No Have Sense, Jr Reid and Captain Thunder 
04. World Gone Reggae, Jr Reid and Snaggapuss 
05. Dance Nah Keep Again, Jr Reid and Dennis Brown 
06. Not A One Man Thing, Jr Reid, Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs
07. Dance F. Gwan, Jr Reid and Dennis Brown Ricky General
08. Babylon Fall, Jr Reid, Pinchers and Fragga Ranks
09. Cry Now, Jr Reid, Gringo Ranks and Captan Thunder
10. Rasta Soldiers On Gaurd, Jr Reid, Roger Flames and Iya Thunger


Drums: Axeman, Squidely Cole, Firehouse, George, One Blood Band, Cleevie, Chris Meredith, Horsemouth
Bass: Axeman, Squidely Cole, Obeah, Chris Meredith
Keyboards: Axeman, Squidely Cole, Chris Meredith, Obeah, Danny Browne
Guitar: Axeman
Sax: Dean Fraser

Production Credits:

Produced and arranged by Junior Reid for JR Productions
Art and Design by Dick Bangham and Linda Gibbon (With assistance from Abby Gibbon and Tim Shea)



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