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Jah Works   RAS 3123

Jah Works  
Produced by: Mystic Revealers

Recorded and Mixed by: Geoffrey Chung, Karl Pitterson, Lynford Marshall, Christopher Gopie, Rupert Bent, Garth. Gary, Stumpy; At Penthouse, Mixing Lab, C.R.S., Gong Sounds, Dynamic Sounds

Released: 1993

The second release for this very talented band. Highlights include 'There's Got To Be A Better Way' and 'Sunshine' (Just can't take another cloudy day, I need SUNSHINE in my life!). A very nice album!

Track Listing:

01. Border Line
02. World War III
03. Lonely
04. Remember Romeo
05. That's Life
06. Children Crying
07. Sunshine (Cloudy Day)
08. Religion
09. There's Got To Be A Better Way
10. Just A Little Love



Lead Vocals: Billy Mystic
Drums: Nicky Cymbal
Bass: Lion
Guitar: Steve, Billy Mystic
Piano: Noel "Bang"
Keyboards: Earl "Maestro", Metal
Backing Vocals: Lion, Metal, Earl "Maestro"
DJ: Sojan
Percussion: Willigan
Additional Musicians: Sly Dunbar, Robert Walters, Skyjuice, Rupert Bent, 54-46, Sister Bunny, Robin, Geoffrey Chung

Production Credits:

All tracks produced by Mystic Revealers
All song wriitten by A. Wilmont except Just A Little Love, by R. Walter and A, Wilmont
Art Direction and Design: Mitch Ites / Art Holiday International



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