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Space and Time   RAS 3170

Space and Time  
Produced by: Mystic Revealers

Recorded and Mixed at: Colin "Bulby" York, Lynford 'Fatta' Marshall, Paul Hussey at CRS and Mixing Lab

Released: 1995

A very strong album. Enough cannot be said about this albums outstanding lyrical content! Not to mention the heavy line-up of talented musicians. From  "Space and Time" all the way to "Africa Is Free", this album will invoke you with righteousness and consciousness.

Track Listing:

01. Space And Time
02. I And I
03. Righteous
04. I Believe I Love
05. January To December
06. Dem Problem
07. Stand Up Strong
08. In Dis Time
09. Judgement Day
10. Baptism
11. Justice
12. Africa Is Free


Billy "Mystic" Wilmont: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Nicky "Cymbal" Henry
Leroy "Lion" Edwards: Bass
Steve "Dad" Davis: Guitar
Paul "Scooby" Smith: Keyboards
Christopher "Skyjuice" Burth: Percussion
Julius "General" Chin-Yee: Manager

Additional Musicians
Monty Alexander: Piano
Robby Lyn: Synths
Steven Hussey: Violins
Noel Davey: Piano / Synths
Winston Stewart: Guitar / Synths
Sly Dunbar: Drums
Robbie Shakespeare: Bass
Pierre Diaz: Saxaphone
Earl Fitzsimmonds: Synths
Harmonies: 54-46, Tamlins, Brian and Tony Gold, Renee Davis, Leba Hibbert, Luciano, Mikey Hibbert

Production Credits:

All tracks produced by Mystic Revealers
Cover Illustration: Dick Bangham
Art and Design: Bangham and Gibbon Design



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