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Mystic Revealers

Young Revolutionaries   RAS 3226

Young Revolutionaries  
Produced by: Mystic Revealers

Recorded and Mixed by: Phillip Zadie, Ruddy Thomas, Steve Stanley, Karl Pitterson, Junior Edwards, Paul Van Puffelen; At CRS, Penthouse and Music Works


The first release for the Mystic Revealers. Very nice tracks such as, Saw You Smiling and Rastaman. 

Track Listing:

01. Unity
02. Mash Down Aparthied
03. I Fell It
04. Living In Kingston
05. Rasta Man
06. Young Revolutionaries
07. Special One
08. Saw You Smiling
09. Simple Living
10. Conquering Lion
11. We And Dem
12. War Planes
13. Saw You Smiling Remix


Billy "Mystic" Wilmont: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Nicky "Cymbal" Henry
Leroy "Lion" Edwards: Bass
Steve "Dad" Davis: Guitar
Robert "Patch" Walter: Keyboards

Additional Musicians
William Cocking: Percussions
Rudolph Bonito: Lead Guitar and Harmonica
Clevie Brown: Drum Programming
54-46: Harmonies
Pierre Diaz: Saxaphone
Susanng Couch: Piano on Rastaman
Junior Bailey: Midi Drum Programming

Production Credits:

Produced by Mystic Revealers
Album front cover and design: Paul Chin



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