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Peter Broggs

Rise And Shine   RAS 3011

Rise and Shine  
Produced by: Doctor Dread

Recorded by: Errol Brown at Tuff Gong Studios, Jamaica
Horn tracks recorded at Music Mountain, Kingston, Jamaica 

Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA 

Released: 1985

Throughout his life, Peter Broggs journeyed a road of hardship and yet his music reflects only positive feelings for his fellow man; thereby revealing the true consciousness of a Rastaman, where dignity, respect, and reverence for all humanity are the basic foundations of life. Peter Broggs was the first artist to record for RAS Records label and the lp Rastafari Liveth enlightened a good number of reggae fans. On RISE AND SHINE his second RAS  release, Peter's growth as a singer/songwriter were reaching maturity. The depth of hid feelings and expression are profound in their lyrical grasp of life.

Track Listing:

01. You Got To Be Wise
02. Rise And Shine
03. I Admire You
04. International Farmer
05. Leggo Mi Hand
06. Bloodstain
07. Fuss And Fight
08. I Love To Play Reggae
09. Jah Is The Ruler
10. Rastaman Chant Nyahbingi


Peter Broggs : Vocals
Drums: Sly Dunbar, Carlton Barrett, Style Scott
Bass: Flabba Holt, Aston "Familyman" Barrett, Lloyd Parks
Rhythm Guitar: Bingy Bunny, Bo Peep
Lead Guitar: Dwight Pinkney, Bo Peep
Augustus Pablo : Piano
Pablove Black : Organ, Synthesizer
Robert Lyn : Organ
Chico : Trumpet
Dean Fraser : Saxophone
Percussion:Sky Juice, Bongo Herman  
Nambo Robinson : Trombone

Production Credits

Doctor Dread : Producer
Rhythm Tracks: Errol Brown; Tuff Gong Studios, Kingston, Jamaica
Mixed and Voiced: Jim Fox; LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA



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