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Peter Broggs

Reasoning   RAS 3051

Produced by: Doctor Dread and Peter Broggs

Recorded by: Gary and Garth at Tuff Gong, Kingston, Jamaica
Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA
Chris Daley and Melvin Williams at Aquarius

Mixed by: Jim Fox at LION and FOX Recording Studios, USA

Released: 1990

Sing praises to JAH, sing praises to his name: lift up a song to HIM who rides upon the clouds: his name is JAH exult before HIM! (PSALM 68 verse 4; from cd insert). Once again Peter Broggs shows us his love for and humanity, writng many song on the state of the world ranging from 400 Years to Show Some Love to The System. This album cries out for righteousness.


Track Listing:

01. Four Hundred Years
02. Cry Freedom
03. Reasoning
04. Show Some Love
05. Trodding
06. Military Man
07. Invasion
08. Vision
09. The System
10. Cheer Up


Peter Broggs : Vocals
Flabba Holt : Bass
Aston Barrett : Bass
Lincoln Style Scott : Drums
Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace : Drums, Vocals (Background)
Bongo Herman : Drums (Kettle)
Harry T. Powell : Drums (Kettle)
Uziah "Sticky" Thompson : Percussion
Carrot : Conga, Percussion
Everton Carrington : Percussion
Dwight Pinckney : Guitar, Piano
Andy Bassford : Guitar, Synthesizer
Bingy Bunny : Guitar, Percussion
Dwight Pinkney : Guitar, Piano
Simon : Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
Augustus Pablo : Synthesizer
Winston Wright : Synthesizer
Earl Fitzsimmonds : Synthesizer
Obiah : Piano
Dean Fraser : Saxophone
Deadly Headly : Saxophone
Bobby Ellis : Trumpet
Vin Gordon : Trombone
Nadine Sutherland : Vocals (Background)
The Tamlins : Vocals (Background)
Ken Bob : Vocals (Background)
J.C. Lodge : Vocals (Background)

Production Credits

Peter Broggs : Main Performer, Producer
Jim Fox : Engineer, Mixing
Henry James : Arranger, Composer
Tommy Noonan : Photography



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