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Prince Malachi

Watch Over We   RAS 3254

Watch Over We
Produced by:Phillip 'Fatis' Burrell for Exterminator Productions

All Songs written by Mark Wynter and Pillip Burrell
Publishished by: Xtm Sounds, Dubplate and Ixat

Recorded by: Skoolaz, Paul Daley, Ganja Field at Anchor Studios, Kingston JA

Mixed by: Paul Daley, Skoolaz, Steven Stanley, Soldgie at Anchor Studios, Kingston JA

Released: Feb. 8, 2000

It is a time-honored tradition at RAS Records to be the first to take a chance on an artist whom we know has great potential and will one day find a place among the most-treasured "greats" of reggae music.  From our first release with Peter Broggs to featuring early work by Ini Kamoze, Mikey Spice, Sizzla, Luciano and a host of other stars, you can always trust we are looking out for the hottest new talent to warm up your stereo.  Some of our best new performers have emerged through the strong relationship RAS has developed with producer Phillip "Fatis" Burrell and his Jamaica-based Exterminator label.   RAS releasing the latest album from the-one-people-are-talking-about Prince Malachi (produced by none other than Fatis Burrell), is just a way we are continuing a great custom.   

Watch Over We presents an artist surprisingly mature both vocally and lyrically.  At times, he is spiritual and reflective, such as we hear on the title track and "Meditation Time," and his optimistic spirit comes through on tracks like "We'll Be Strong."  The perfect blend of roots intention, inspiring words, a sweet but strong voice and an extremely addictive rhythm can be found on the cut "Fishers of Men."  No matter what the interpreted intent of his songs, Prince Malachi is undeniably matched just right with the likes of Sly and Robbie, Dean Fraser, Nambo and Jazzwad.  Malachi also shines on duets with Lion ("Universal Pain") and Prince Bob ("River Nile"), proving his versatility and bringing out his complimentary skills.  Watch Over We could be called Watch Out For He- for Prince  Malachi is surely an artist we need to be keeping an eye on and an ear to in the new millenium.

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Track Listing:

01. Watch Over We
02. Jah It's I
03. Meditation Time
04. Universal Pain
05. Look Around
06. We'll Be Strong
07. Seek And You'll Find
08. Why Do We Have To Live This Way
09. Fishers Of Men
10. River Nile
11. Where Do They Go




Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Donald Dennis, Dean Fraser, Chris Meredith, Lenky Morrison, Nambo and Jazzwad

Harmony: Althea, Sherida, Leba, Heather, Dean, Limey, Dalton, Prince Malachi

Production Credits:
Produced by: Phillip "Fatis" Burrell for Xterminator Productions
All songs written by: Mark Wynter and Phillip Burrell
Published by: XTM Sounds, Dubplate and IXAT, published 1999
Recorded at: Anchor Studio, Kingston, JA
Recording Engineers: Skoolaz, Paul Daley, Ganja Field, Mark
Mixing Engineers: Paul Daley, Skoolaz, Steven Stanley and Soldgie

Art & Package Design: Mitch Ites and Gary Keyes, copyright 1999
Original Photos: Brian Jahn, copyright 1999



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