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October 13, 1999
The Latest from Doctor Dread

Just returned from Brazil where Israel Vibration was featured on the Ruffles Reggae fest 99 (yes, the company that makes the potato (or potatoe, depending on who you listen to) chips with UB 40 and two brazilian reggae groups, Nativus and Cidade Negra. The Vibes did the shows in Sao Paulo and Curitiba. San Paulo is the second largest city in the world with over 16 million people and skyscaper after skyscaper after skyscaper,etc -. The crowd was about 15,000 in the parking lot of a large fairgrounds. The crowd was young and appreciates the reggae although they favor their own groups and the portugese language. The poeple are very nice and treated us with much respect. Curitiba was more low key with about 15,000 people and it was extremely cold that night, even though the gig was held outdoors.

This was our first trip to Brazil and we look foward to many happy returns, especially to Salvador in Bahia where reggae is king and Is Vibes, Bob Marley, Culture and Burning Spear are revered like Gods. 

Now I am off to Chile to record a new album for the group Gondwana. Their first CD for BMG went gold there and they have an enormous following. RAS even released this CD in the States (Together RAS 3242) along with the dub companion (Phat Cherimoya Dub RAS 3243) to give the reggae vibes some espanol. (It's all part of our search for non-Jamaican reggae artists called "Reggae Goes Global".) I am travelling there with my wife and two boys, so we are all excited to be exploring the countryside of this spectacular country.

I have also just recieved the final mixes of a new Culture album (RAS 3252 Payday) which was produced by Clive Hunt and will be available in January or February of 2000. We also have a new Prince Malachi from Xterminator to release early next year.

So, stay cool, dig the reggae vibes and thanks for taking the time to visit.

Nuff respect,
Doctor Dread 



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