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December 15, 1999
The Latest from Doctor Dread

Greetings. Lots has been going on for RAS in these last few months. I had a positive move to Chile to record a new album for Gondwana.  Their label in Chile, BMG, is very excited with the results and is expecting this album to do very well. It will be called "Alabanza" which means Praises. The first album has gone platinum (25,000 units) and history has been made as BMG reluctantly released the dub version to "Together" ("Phat Cherimoya Dub"), this being the first dub album EVER released in Chile. Jah knows it feels great to be a part of making history globally.

After spending time back in DC mixing the album with mix master Jim Fox at his LION and FOX studio, it was off to Brazil for a four date tour with Israel Vibration. I love the Brazil vibes and the country certainly loves reggae and in particular Israel Vibration. The tour was very successful with a crowd of 15,000 people in Salvador, Bahia taking part in a beautiful show. Salvador is a very African city which was the original capital of Brazil. There are many dreads and reggae is THE music of choice. As this was the first time the Vibes played there, it was pure excitement. We had a major press conference and met the people of this colonial town and felt very welcome. Later it was off to Rio and Niteroi and Curitiba for some dynamite concerts. I especially love the vibes of Rio. The people are friendly and very casual in their lifestyle. Forget all the crap you hear about it not being safe. I'm telling you, Rio is cool. And the Vibes sold out to a crowd of over 2,000. 

Funny enough, but two days after we left Brazil, Culture arrived to make a tour and are currently mashing up the place. All of this is made possible by a very livicated promoter named Israel Mizrach from Salvador who has made a serious commitment to break reggae in a positive way in Brazil. Is it a mere coincidence his name is Israel???????????? He treated us great and we plan on working tight with him to help break reggae there. After all, Brazil is the fourth largest country in the world so we cannot ignore it. I also heard some good reggae artists there and I am looking to add a Brazilian reggae artist to our roster for our Reggae Goes Global campaign.

Well, next is Christmas with my family and off to Jamaica to bring in the millennium and begin recording a new Is Vibes album in the first days of January.

I want to hope for you all a positive holiday and good new year and remind you all to think consciously into the new millennium. You can expect new releases from Culture, Prince Malachi and Israel Vibration for the new year.

 Jah bless,
 Doctor Dread 



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