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If you are looking to assemble a serious reggae collection, then these five titles should be at the top of your list. Jacob Miller . . . Tenor Saw . . . Hugh Mundell . . . these legendary names produced some of the heaviest, most spiritual reggae ever committed to disc. RAS brings you the absolute pinnacle of their achievements with these superbly mastered and packaged editions. Crucial releases for both the casual fan and the livicated listener, these classics are not to be missed!

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His landmark 1983 debut. A thunderclap that echoes to this day. Digitally remastered with original album art.
RAS 3264 


Absolute essentials for your reggae bin . . .


 guaranteed to keep moving as sure as the sun keeps rising. 


Here are five timeless classics, beautifully mastered and packaged. 


Only available from RAS.

Israel Vibration 
The Same Song

The 1978 debut that introduced the world to the unique genius and ancient harmonies of Israel Vibration. "Stands as one of the most completely convincing Ďculturalí artifacts of all time." ĖThe Rough Guide to Reggae
RAS 3228 

Jacob Miller
Collectorís Classic
Combining the undisputed gems from Millerís Greatest Hits and Killer Miller LPs into one comprehensive anthology, Collectorís Classics captures the full scope of Jacobís massive talent.
RAS 32045 

Tenor Saw 

The Sugar Minott-produced debut classic. Contains the hits "Lots of Sign," "Pumpkin Belly," "Fever," and "Roll Call" with 8 bonus dub tracks. Indispensable and unforgettable.
RAS 13 

Hugh Mundell
Africa Must Be Free By 1983
The fully-loaded edition of Mundellís classic 1975 debut roots set. Produced by Augustus Pablo with 8 bonus dub tracks, this is the ultimate point of entry into Mundellís brilliant but too-short career.
RAS 3201 



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