Reggae For Kids

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Recorded at Anchor Recording in Kingston, Jamaica
Recording Engineers: Mark, A. Chemist, David Rowe, Paul, and Dr. Marshall

Mixed at LION and FOX Recording Studios in Washington, USA
Jim Fox, engineer

Except for "Hakuna Matata": Recorded and Mixed at Aytonbridge Recording Studio
Recorded by: Carl "Bridge" Ayton and Leebert "Gibby" Morrison
Mixed by Chris Daley

Release Date : Feb. 27, 2001

Washington Post News Paper 
Feature Article: Sunday, March 11, 2001


Welcome to the wonderful world where the infectious rhythms of reggae come together with the marvelous melodies of Walt Disney movie favorites. Following in the tradition of our previous "Reggae For Kids" enormously successful recordings, RAS Records has again assembled Jamaicaís finest musicians and vocalists to bring you a unique interpretation of the Disney songs we all know and love. We know youíll enjoy these magical gems and delight in the joy it will bring to you and yours. Happy listening.

Track Listing:  

  1.  Hakuna Matata Bunny Wailer
  2.  Beauty And The Beast  Marcia Griffiths
  3.  Zippedy Do Dah   Don Carlos
  4.  Youíve Got A Friend In Me     Yami Bolo
  5.  Colors Of The Wind   J.C. Lodge
  6.  Bare Necessities Tony Rebel
  7.  Itís A Small World Sugar Minott
  8.  Under The Sea Arrow
  9.  When I See An Elephant Fly Gregory Issacs
10.  When You Wish Upon a Star Luciano
11.  Whoís Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?   Peter Broggs
12.  Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Freddie McGregor & Marcia Griffiths
13.  When You Wish Upon a Star Dean Fraser

Credits: A big special thanks to the following musicians:

Drums: Carl Ayton (except on "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" drums: Prince Aubrey Manning)
Bass guitar: Errol "Flabba" Holt
Rhythm guitar: Leebert "Gibby" Morrison
Lead guitar: Dwight Pinkney
Keyboards: Richard "T-Birdd" Johnson
Percussion and hand drumming: Bongo Herman and Sky Juice
Keyboard overdubs: Robbie Lyn
Saxophone: Dean Fraser
Background vocal on "Itís A Small World": Lisa Mila

A big special thanks on "Hakuna Matata" to:
Produced by Neville Livingston (aka Bunny Wailer)
Drums: Carl Ayton
Guitars: Dwight Pinkney and Leebert "Gibby" Morrison
Keyboards: Charmaine Bowen
Guest vocals: Charmaine Bowen
Saxophone: Dean Fraser


Artist Bio

Bunny Wailer

An original member of The Wailers, Bunny Wailer is the only surviving member of the Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer trio. Having grown up with Bob Marley, Bunny has always maintained a strong Wailer vibe. A prolific solo career following his many years with the Wailers and his three Grammy Awards make him a reggae legend. In 1992, the Queen of England bestowed the Order of Distinction on him. A brilliant songwriter and entertainer, Bunny continues to treat his fans to great new music year in and out.

Marcia Griffiths

Marcia Griffiths was an original I-Three and sang background vocals with Bob Marley and The Wailers throughout his career. Touring the world over, Marcia and the I-Threes were an integral part of the Wailersís sound. She has had many successes as a solo artist, including early recording for Studio One and the enormous crossover dance hit "Electric Boogie." Currently, Marcia tours with the Wailers band and records for a variety of producers in Jamaica.

Don Carlos

Don Carlos was an original member of Black Uhuru. From the Waterhouse area of Kingston, Don Carlos has always maintained a close connection with his roots in Jamaica. In the mid-eighties, during the height of the "rockers" explosion in Jamaica, Don became Jamaicaís most in-demand vocalist. With a massive following in Africa, Don has won the hearts of the people there who love his roots style of singing. During the 1990ís, Don regrouped with Duckie Simpson and Garth Dennis to record and tour again as Black Uhuruís lead singer. He is currently singing solo again pursuing new frontiers in reggae.

Yami Bolo

Yami Bolo is a well-respected, up and coming singer from Kingston who has stuck to the more progressive and conscious side of reggae. After reaching great sales in Japan, Yami has been concentrating on establishing his Yam Euphony label in Jamaica. His distinctive vocal style has earned him a large fan base the world over.

JC Lodge

JC Lodge has won numerous awards in Jamaica and America as the top female vocalist from Jamaica. Early in her career she had a big hit in Europe with the Charley pride song "Someone Loves You Honey." Later she scored big again in America with "Telephone Love." Having recorded numerous CDs for the RAS label, JC continues to record in Jamaica as a background vocalist and produces childrenís records for her own label there.

Tony Rebel

Tony Rebel scored a massive hit in the reggae world in 1998 with the song "If Jah." This became the theme song for the Jamaican World Cup soccer team, The Reggae Boyz. A reggae anthem adored the world over, "If Jah" is considered to be one of the most powerful songs to come out of Jamaica in the last five years. Briefly signed to Sony in the mid-nineties, Tony produces and records for his Flames label in Kingston. This dancehall version of "Bare Necessities" is sure to rock any party.

Sugar Minott

Sugar Minott started his solo career over twenty years ago with the Studio One label. A prolific writer, Sugar is one of Jamaicaís national treasures. A top ten hit in England for RCA with "Good Thing Going" established Sugar in international circles in the mid-eighties. This ska tempo version of "Itís A Small World" is a fine example of Jamaicaís early music which pre-dates reggae and has spawned a whole new wave of ska artists.


From the Caribbean island of Montseratt, Calypso singer Arrow scored a major hit the world over with "Hot, Hot, Hot." This song was also featured in the Walt Disney movie "The Little Mermaid." Now Arrow is here again to sing "Under The Sea," another gem from "The Little Mermaid."

Gregory Isaacs

Gregory Isaacs is a reggae icon. A superstar the world over, Gregory has so many hits to his credit, his fans sing along to every song when he performs. Songs like "Night Nurse" and "Rumors" are some of his better known gems. He continues to release new music and is one of reggaeís most in-demand vocalists.


Luciano is the messenger of todayís cultural vibe of Jamaica. Possessed by God, Luciano always brings a positive feel into every heart he comes into contact with. With numerous hits in his young career like "Itís Me Again Jah," Luciano was signed to Island Records and was destined to fill the void left after the passing of Bob Marley. We are truly blessed to have him as part of this collection.

Peter Broggs

Peter Broggs is the first artist to ever record for the RAS Records label. A humble Rastaman, Peter farms his familyís land in rural Jamaica. With a relationship of over 20 years with RAS Records, Peter is a natural choice for inclusion on these recordings.

Freddie McGregor

Freddie McGregor has been a singer since the age of eight years old. Having started his career with Studio One records in Jamaica, Freddie has worked with numerous producers and has enjoyed great success in America, England and Japan. Freddie now has a studio in Jamaica and is very active in producing and recording for his Big Ship label.

Dean Fraser

Saxophonist extrodinaire, Dean Fraser is constantly called upon to add saxophone to the numerous recordings being produced in Jamaica every year. Deanís sax work has been featured on Bob Marley recordings as well as countless other well-known Jamaican artists. A producer and music arranger as well, this world-class musician is admired and respected by reggae fans the world over.



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