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A Tribute to Bingi Bunny 

Kingston 12 Toughie RAS 3189

Produced by : Blacka Morwell
Compilation produced by Amy Wachtel

Recorded at Randy's, Joe Gibbs, and Channel One Studios, Kingston JA

Engineered by : Errol Thompson, Solgie, and Pat Kelly
Remix Engineer :Morris Wellington

All Songs Writen by E Lamont/ M. Wellington, Published by Morwell Music,
except "Lament for Lamont" by Dwight Pinkney, published by Sanpink Music

Art Direction and Design :  Mitch Ites

Released: 1996
Bingi Bunny was a founding member of the Roots Radics. This is a compilation of his pre-Radics works and more. One of Reggae's greatest musicians.

Track Listing:

01. Lament For Lamont Pinkney 
02. Reggae Party Lamont/Wellington 
03. Kingston 12 Toughie Lamont/Wellington
04. Africa We Waan To Go Lamont/Wellington 
05. Educate Your Mind Lamont/Wellington 
06. Cut Them Down Lamont/Wellington
07. Bit By Bit Lamont/Wellington
08. I'll Never Give My Heart Lamont/Wellington
09. Young Lover Lamont/Wellington
10. Me And Jane Lamont/Wellington 
11. Jah Lion Lamont/Wellington
12. Keep It In The Family Lamont/Wellington 
13. Got To Get Away Lamont/Wellington 
14. We Waan Go A Yard Lamont/Wellington
15. In God We Trust Lamont/Wellington



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