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RAS Portraits - The Scientist   RAS 89604

Produced by: Dr. Dread

Recorded by: various
Mixed by: Scinetist

Released: June 3, 2003
Hopeton Browne, better known as The Scientist has been credited as being the one engineer to bring dub music to the forefront of both reggae and popular music since he began releasing complete dub albums for the Greensleeves label in the early 1980’s. As a young protégé of producer/engineer King Tubby, The Scientist cut his teeth working for Tubby and learning electronics so he could repair studio consoles or any other electronical device which needed work.

After much time in and around various recording studios in Jamaica,The Scientist began recording many artists and when he mixed dubs, people just went crazy to hear this new sound he had created. It was almost as if he played the mixing board as a whole new instrument and he was now making a whole new song. People were so fascinated by his creations that they began to release complete albums with his name and likeness on the cover. And his fame spread as people became exposed to this new spacey form of music called dub.

From the first recording ever made by RAS, Doctor Dread and The Scientist have been involved in making music together and The Scientist has been involved in many exciting projects for RAS, always creating exciting dubs along the way. This Portraits collection, for the first time, compiles these historical dubs along with three new tracks provided by  The Scientist for a tour de force dub guaranteed to infect you with the dub experience.

With major service to college reggae radio and print ads, this is a dub collection that will be getting lots of attention. And a great treat for The Scientist and dub fans the world over.

Track Listing:

01. Jah Jah Voice Is Calling (Peter Broggs)
02. Feelin Irie (Israel Vibration)
03. Baltimore Dub
04. Iraq U Rock
05. Test Me
06. Style and Pattern
07. To Go Where No Dub Has Gone Before (Culture)
08. E Equals MC Squared (Culture)
09. Ready For Dub (Yellowman)
10. Me Oh My Oh Dub (Eek-A-Mouse)
11. Here We Dub (Michigan & Smiley)
12. Mama Mama Dub (Freddie McGregor)

Selling Points:

• Brand new compilation containing The Scientist’s best tracks
• Includes 3 brand new songs specifically recorded for this collection
• Special package include extensive liner notes

New Addition to the RAS Records Successful Portrait Series! THE SCIENTIST THE SCIENTIST



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