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Tappa Zukie

From The Archives   RAS 3135

From The Archives  
Produced by: Tappa Zukie

Recorded by: Phillip Smart and Asher at Channel One and King Tubby's
Mixed by: Phillip Smary, King Jammy, Scientist, Asher

Released: 1995

Track Listing:

01. Pick Up The Rocker
02. M.P.L.A.
03. Peace And Love
04. Don't Get Crazy
05. Go Deh Natty, Go Deh
06. Ital Pot
07. Marcus
08. Chalis To Chalis
09. Freedom
10. Tappa Roots
11. Oh Lord
12. The Bum



Musicians: Sly Dunbar, Earl'Chinna'Smith, Keith Sterling, Tommy McCook
Bobby Ellis, Augustus Pablo, Deadly Headly, Trammy
Background Vocalist: Johnny Clarke, Tony Brevitt, Horace and, Junior Ross

Production Credits:

Produced and Arranged by Tappa Zukie
Art Direction and Design: Mitch Ites / Art Holiday International



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