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Tony Rebel

Rebellious   RAS 3097

Produced by: Clive Kennedy

Recorded and Mixed by: Garth, Stumpy, Mervin Williams, Christopher Dailey, Snakie, Clive Kennedy; at Penthouse and Aquarius; Kingston, Jamaica.   Mixing Lab, Leggo Recording Studio, Kingston Jamaica by Bravo, Tony Kelley, Oswald Palmer

Released: 1992

Track Listing:

01. Firing Strong
02. Working Man (Featuring Ken Bob)
03. Reggae A Come
04. Rainbow People (Featuring Half Pint)
05. God Of Abraham
06. Strong Puond
07. Hurry Come Up
08. My Woman
09. Don't Let Them Use You
10. Money Tree


Drums: Chris Meredith, Squiddly Cole
Bass: Chris Meredith
Guitar: Chinna Smith, Brain
Keyboards/ Synthesizer: Mallory Williams, Chris Meredith

Production Credits

Produced by Clive Kennedy for Sky High Music and Mau Mau Productions



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